Which will be the best pick: Ubercart vs. Drupal Commerce?

So, you're keen on unleashing the power of a Drupal e-commerce site. But you face a dilemma: Ubercart or Drupal Commerce? Drupal Commerce: Ubercart Reboot? Partially, Drupal Commerce is a "reboot" of Ubercart. Long-term Ubercart users may expect that Drupal Commerce is fundamentally "Ubercart Improved." Not to such an extent. The decision among Ubercart and Drupal Commerce isn't trivial. You want to get this right the first time. You don't want to have to migrate your site from one to the other. Contrasting Drupal and Ubercart: At present, Ubercart appears to be increasingly well known, with almost about 47,000 Ubercart installations to right around 26,000 Drupal Commerce installations. Still, Both projects have a ton of installations, so popularity isn't really a guide here. Drupal Commerce clearly has forward force, yet Ubercart resembles like it's here to stay as well. Both are similarly prone to proceed in dynamic advancement for a long time to come. Distinctive Edge Cases All things considered, either solution will appear to be very adaptable until you reached the stopping point of that one missing feature you urgently need. and, if you can't discover what you need in Drupal, you'll wish you'd utilized the other solution. Both projects have diverse edge cases. There are things you can only do in Drupal Commerce, and there are things you can only do in Ubercart. Presently for the central issue. Drupal and Ubercart: Which Is Easier? Ease of use and advanced features tend to be in direct opposition. If your site has an edge case, then whichever solution handles your edge case will be easier. But for essential use, Ubercart sounds to be simpler than Drupal Commerce. Besides Drupal Commerce, You should aware with Commerce Kickstart. Commerce Kickstart is the quickest method to get fully operational with Drupal Commerce. It's a considerable resource for anyone looking to get directly to improvement or alter a pre-designed layout to launch their own online store. Conclusion: On the off chance that your site is even faintly "unique," you'll have to do a little research and test them both. You need to know you have all the modules you need, for your version of Drupal, before you built. If your shopping cart site will be extremely simple, you can probably go with either, and Ubercart is still probably easier.

AngularJS vs ReactJS vs Vue.js – a comparative analysis

Before we delve into the technicalities, let us try and understand what these terms mean. Angular was developed and released by Google in 2010. Since then, multiple versions of Angular have been released. React was developed by Facebook and is extensively used by Facebook in its products. Vue is the newest of the lot and was developed by an ex-Google employee in 2014.

How big is Big Data?

The unprecedented volume of data generated on the internet cannot be handled effectively with the traditional tools and hence the need for advanced Big Data techniques. Big Data involves tools that capture data, store it and analyze it to make meaningful connections. Of course, it also involves operations such as search, sharing & data visualization. The current usage of the term Big Data refers to predictive & user behavior analytics along with a host of other operations that help derive value from data points.

It MEANs a lot!

It is estimated that 84% of the world’s population already has access to mobile technology. The internet traffic is expected to grow at an astounding Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 25% till 2022. The monthly per capita data usage which stood at 16 GB in 2017 is expected to shoot up to 50 GB during this period. These are some mind-bending numbers that are a testimony to growing hunger for mobile and internet usage.